Re: [PATCH liburing 0/2] liburing IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY support

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On Fri, 29 Sep 2023 13:09:39 +0100, Pavel Begunkov wrote:
> Patch 1 adds support for IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY, i.e. not using and
> mmaping the first SQ indirection level sq_array.
> Patch 2 defaults liburing to using IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY. If it's
> not supported by the kernel we'll fallback to a setup without the
> flag. If the user specifically asks for IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY,
> it'll also fail if the feature is unsupported.
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/2] setup: add IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY support
      commit: 74c1191cbfa2b552b3ceaa63386d871c2d5d2136
[2/2] setup: default to IORING_SETUP_NO_SQARRAY
      commit: 3401b06c5e8291a2ad946bb181ab347f18a4c8c3

Best regards,
Jens Axboe

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