Re: (subset) [PATCH for-next 0/4] io_uring: registered huge buffer optimisations

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On Wed, 22 Feb 2023 14:36:47 +0000, Pavel Begunkov wrote:
> Improve support for registered buffers consisting of huge pages by
> keeping them as a single element bvec instead of chunking them into
> 4K pages. It improves performance quite a bit cutting CPU cycles on
> dma-mapping and promoting a more efficient use of hardware.
> With a custom fio/t/io_uring 64K reads benchmark with multiple Optanes
> I've got 671 -> 736 KIOPS improvement (~10%).
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[1/4] io_uring/rsrc: disallow multi-source reg buffers
      commit: edd478269640b360c6f301f2baa04abdda563ef3
[3/4] io_uring/rsrc: optimise single entry advance
      commit: b000ae0ec2d709046ac1a3c5722fea417f8a067e
[4/4] io_uring/rsrc: optimise registered huge pages
      commit: 57bebf807e2abcf87d96b9de1266104ee2d8fc2f

Best regards,
Jens Axboe

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