Re: [External] Re: [PATCH] Update whitelisted ThinkPad models with dual fan support in thinkpad_acpi

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Hi Hans

On 2022-01-11 06:09, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi David,
> On 1/4/22 04:41, David Dreschner wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> the attached patch updates the list of whitelisted ThinkPad models with dual fan support.
>> The changes were tested on my ThinkPad T15g Gen 2. According to Lenovo, the BIOS version is the same for the P15 Gen 2 and the P17 Gen 2 ( ).
>> I also added the P15v Gen 2 and T15p Gen 2 to the whitelist based on the BIOS version listed on the Lenovo homepage ( ). The first generation had two fans and where covered by the whitelist entry for the P15 Gen 2. As the second generation has two fans, too, I made that change for completeness.
>> To apply the changes before it's merged in the mainline linux kernel, I made a little dkms patch:>> 
> Thank you for your patch submission.
> If I understand things correctly then you've only tested the addition of the:
> TPACPI_Q_LNV3('N', '3', '7', TPACPI_FAN_2CTL),  /* P15 / P17 / T15g (2nd gen) */
> quirk, correct? In that case we really only want to add that quirk, we don't
> want to go and add untested quirks. But perhaps Mark from Lenovo can confirm
> that this quirk:
> TPACPI_Q_LNV3('N', '3', '8', TPACPI_FAN_2CTL),  /* P15v / T15p (2nd gen) */
> also is correct and that those models really have 2 fans, Mark ?
> Mark, more in general can you perhaps talk to the firmware team and ask
> if there is a better way to detect if there are 2 fans in a thinkpad then
> maintaining a quirk table for this ?

Yeah - I saw the patch and wondered the same. I will look into that
(LO-1498 for my internal tracking)

We recently fixed this for the P1G4 and I asked for that to be extended
to the other platforms and I don't think it was done :( If you don't mind
holding off for a couple of days (while the patch gets cleaned up) I'll
see if I can get confirmation in the short term of which platforms are
impacted (LO-1499)


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