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Hello Enrico,

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>Subject: Re: [External] Re: [PATCH] thinkpad_acpi: Allow the FnLock LED to
>change state
>On 19.03.21 11:39, Nitin Joshi1 wrote:
>> Regarding "GMKS" method, it does not have "version" related information.
>So , its unlikely to impact any older platforms.
>> However, I got it confirmed that definition of GMKS method itself doesn't
>include any workaround feature.
>> But, since its getter function , I also think its harmless and if it workaround
>some issue then I don’t see any concern.
>How about publishing schematics / specs, so we can confirm what it's really
>doing ?
Thank you for your comment.
I will check regarding this and feedback you later.

>In recent decades I've learn to mistrust vendor-provided firmware (especially
>when it comes to acpi). The reason why I'm currently bisecting AMD's AGESA
>blob, in order to completely replace it.
>It's a tedious job, had to write my own analysis tool, but step by step making
>progress. (and already learned they've been using a pretty inefficient compiler
>that can't even inline trivial memcpy().
>Probably some older msvc ... :p)

Thanks & Regards,
Nitin Joshi 
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>Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
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