Thinkpad T14: unhandled HKEY event 0x1317, 0x1318 and 0x1319

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On my Thinkpad T14, I have three buttons which I think are new on that

Fn + F9:  A "message" / chat symbol
Fn + F10: An "accept call" symbol
Fn + F11: A "hang up" symbol

You can see them here:
(Note that the picture is from the Intel variant - I own the AMD
variant, but it has the same keyboard)

When I press them, no X keypress event is generated, instead I get:

    thinkpad_acpi: unhandled HKEY event 0x1317
    thinkpad_acpi: please report the conditions when this event happened to ibm-acpi-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The IDs I see are:

0x1317: message
0x1318: accept call
0x1319: hang up

I guess the first two would correspond to XF86Messenger and XF86Phone.
No clue about the third one.

I took a quick look at the source[1] and I'm guessing they'd need to be
added after TP_ACPI_HOTKEYSCAN_EXTENDED_START somehow, but I don't
really understand how those values are used exactly, or how (and by
what) they're mapped to X key events. I might be able to contribute a
fix (or at least test one) if someone can help me get started, though
it'll likely take me a bit of time.

[1] linux-5.9-rc3/drivers/platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi.c that is


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