lde disk-activity trigger on Thinkpad T570/580

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I'm not sure if this is related to thinkpad_acpi or not, but maybe
someone here can judge this.

We are trying to turn e.g. the power led into a hard disk activity
indicator by

echo disk-activity > /sys/devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/leds/tpacpi::power/trigger

This works fine on all our older thinkpad models with SATA hard disks
works also on our PCs with SSD disks (SATA as well as NVME), but
it fails on our newer thinkpads, i.e. T570 and T580 with NVME SSDs.

The LED just stays off all the time no matter what we do with the hard

Could this be some information missing in thge thinkpad_acpi module for
those new models? Or is this some general code somewhere else in the

If it could be related to thinkpad_acpi what kind of information could
I send to help someone write a patch?


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