Improper Naming in /dev/disk/by-id and Drives Offline

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I'm working on a particular issue (possibly two separate issues) where
our HDDs are (1) getting mislabeled in /dev/disk/by-id and (2)
dropping offline even though drive and controller logs show that the
drive is communicating and working as expected.  I don't have much
knowledge on the udev side of things so it would be great if someone
could offer some insight into the way udev assigns device names and if
there are thoughts as to why the OS cannot see the drive in certain
cases (timing issue?).

The first issue, the mislabeling problem, is that on reboots or power
cycles we occasionally see our drives become mislabeled in
/dev/disk/by-id.  We expect to see something like:


But instead we see:


The "scsi" drive is assigned a drive letter and the OS can communicate
with the drive.  Drives logs and controller logs show the drive is
working properly, but for some reason it's getting labeled incorrectly
in /dev/disk/by-id.  We have looked through dmesg and enabled logging
in udev (udevadm control --log-priority=debug), but we have not seen
where these labels are coming from.

The second issue is slightly related to the first in that it appears
during the same power cycle/reboot test.  We have noticed that on
occasion, our drives will not be detected by the OS (not listed in
/dev/disk/by-id) at all.  However, if we look at drive logs and
controller logs, we don't see any issue.  The controller is able to
see the drives and communicate with them, but the OS is unable to.
Any ideas as to why communication is not established?

Also, is there a way to refresh the /dev/disk/by-id listing (udevadm
trigger?) once the OS has booted in order to rescan for attached
devices and repopulate it?  Thanks for any information and let me know
if you need logs or anything else.


Brandon Schwartz
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