Fn keys on Dell Latitude E6440

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on my notebook dell-wmi kernel driver generates some scan codes 
when I press some of Fn key combinations. Now all these scan 
codes are mapped to key "prog3". I would like to add some actions 
for these Fn key combinations, so what do you think? Which key 
codes should be assigned for these scan codes? Note that these 
combinations are not special (and labeled) as other (like Fn+F11 
= play/pause) and seems like windows does not recognize them.

Matthew, you are author of dell-wmi driver, do you know if there 
are some other secrets key combinations? And why first 10 Fn key 
combinations generate scan codes? 

Output of commands:

$ lsinput

   bustype : BUS_HOST
   vendor  : 0x0
   product : 0x0
   version : 0
   name    : "Dell WMI hotkeys"
   phys    : "wmi/input0"
   bits ev : EV_SYN EV_KEY EV_MSC

$ /lib/udev/keymap -i /dev/input/event7

scan code: 0x10   key code: prog3   --> Fn+Q
scan code: 0x11   key code: prog3   --> Fn+W
scan code: 0x12   key code: prog3   --> Fn+E
scan code: 0x13   key code: prog3   --> Fn+R
scan code: 0x14   key code: prog3   --> Fn+T

scan code: 0x1E   key code: prog3   --> Fn+A
scan code: 0x1F   key code: prog3   --> Fn+S
scan code: 0x20   key code: prog3   --> Fn+D
scan code: 0x21   key code: prog3   --> Fn+F
scan code: 0x22   key code: prog3   --> Fn+G

$ cat /sys/class/dmi/id/sys_vendor
Dell Inc.

$ cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_name
Latitude E6440

Pali Rohár

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