RE: [PATCH] pciehp: Acknowledge the spurious "cmd completed" event.

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> > On a different note, I feel there is still a need to apply my original
> patch. There is still an open problem in case of spurious interrupts (or
> in any case where the condition "if (slot_status & PCI_EXP_SLTSTA_CC)"
> becomes true in pcie_write_cmd()). That is because once that happens, we
> never clear that interrupt, and no further hotplug interrupts shall be
> received unless we do that.
> I agree this is an issue and we should address it somehow.  My
> hesitation is just that I'd prefer to do some more aggressive
> restructuring rather than apply a point fix.  For example:

OK, I'll attempt to fix it that way when I get time.

> - We currently look at PCI_EXP_SLTSTA_CC in pcie_isr(), pcie_poll_cmd(),
> and pcie_write_cmd().  I think it would be better to look at it only in
> pcie_isr().
> - I don't think pcie_poll_cmd() should exist at all; we should poll by
> calling pcie_isr() instead.
> - We need pcie_write_cmd(), but I think the way it waits is backwards.
>  Currently we issue the command, then wait for it to complete.  I think
> we should issue the command, note the current time, and return without
> waiting.  The *next* time we need to issue a command, we can wait for
> completion of the previous one (or timeout) if necessary.
> But maybe we need the point fix in the interim, especially if anybody
> can actually produce the scenario you mention.




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