RE: Difference between hot-plug on PCIe rootport vs downstream port

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> >
> > 1) Does the pciehp support hotplug on both rootport and downstream
> port?
> Yes.  To be precise, pciehp supports hotplug of PCIe devices below Root
> Ports and Downstream Ports.
> > 2) What is so different about these that downstream port hotplug was
> part of the kernel since very long, but root port hotplug was included
> releatively recently? Are there any added complexities? I couldn't find
> anything on the net on this. From my understanding it should be exactly
> similar?
> Hotplugging of PCIe devices below Root Ports and Downstream Ports
> should be identical.

Thanks a lot, I think you are right. I got confused between hot-plug of a device on root port, and hot-plug of the root port itself. 

No I'm not bothered about the hot-plug of the host bridge itself. I was talking abouthot-plug of a device directly under the root port.

So I' assuming I should be good with pciehp then.



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