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I want to use a 1-wire slave device from user space.

My first approach is to get a symlink like /dev/wire-slave with user
read/write permissions. I have tried this with udev rules but didn't
get it to work so far.

Some additional information about the wire kernel module:
Module name: wire (available in stock Ubuntu 13,04)
Subsystem: w1
creates the following in /sys/:
where the 81 is a slave device specific identifier. Inside that
directory is a file(?) named "rw" which I can (successfully) use to
communicate with the onewire device.

I have already managed to write a udev rule which sets the permissions
on this "rw" so I can use it from user space. But then I have my
program to search through /sys/ to access the device which does not
seems to be the right way (eg. did not work on my friends Linux Mint).

If it is not possible to create a device node in /dev, I'd be thankful
for alternative solutions.

-- Max
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