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New release of kmod 13, after some time accumulating bug fixes and new
features. This release got a bit delayed due to my marriage,
vacations, changing job and some new features getting into the kernel.
What else could happen at the same time? :-)

The most notable new features are the support for finit_module()
syscall and for signed modules. For finit_module() we try to be nice
with older kernels  and we fallback to init_module() if the new one is
not available. The older syscall is also used in case the module is

There are also bug fixes and other minor new features. Check the NEWS
file. Thanks to everyone involved in this release. Shortlog is below.

Lucas De Marchi


Andrey Mazo (2):
      depmod: --symbol-prefix actually requires an argument
      depmod: fix builtin symbols resolution when the prefix symbol is set

Cristian Rodríguez (1):
      libkmod: Use secure_getenv if available

Josh Boyer (1):
      rmmod: Teach rmmod about builtin modules

Kees Cook (3):
      libkmod: add finit_module logic
      testsuite: handle finit_module
      libkmod: fix address argument to mmap calls

Lucas De Marchi (13):
      man: fix lib dir in which we look for config
      gitignore: ignore files generated by Automake's testsuite
      Update copyright notices
      libkmod-util: Add missing include file
      testsuite: Exit with success on signal if test has expected_fail=true
      testsuite: Add test to check if modprobe explodes on bogus config
      modprobe: Fix assertion on --show-depends with bogus config file
      libkmod: Add missing definitions
      libkmod: Move finit_module() definition to missing.h
      testsuite: Wrap syscall() to get calls to finit_module()
      testsuite: Fix checking __sysno
      build-sys: Always enable parallel tests
      kmod 13

Michal Marek (4):
      libkmod-module: Add helper for building the module info list
      libkmod-module: Do not free the list in kmod_module_info_append
      libkmod: Return module signature information in kmod_module_get_info()
      testsuite: Add modinfo test for module signatures
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