RE: [PATCH 10/50] AP: Include an RNR element in beacons for MLD AP

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> > @@ -6642,7 +6670,12 @@ static u8 * hostapd_eid_rnr_iface(struct
> > hostapd_data *hapd,
> >  		}
> >
> >  		tbtt_count_pos = eid++;
> > -		*eid++ = RNR_TBTT_INFO_LEN;
> > +

> For Lower band AP collocated with a 6GHz AP, RNR Element carrying ML
> Partner information should be a separate element from the one that carried
> OOB information Is it handled here ?

Both co-located and ML Bss's are reported in the same rnr ie. Why should it be a separate element?

> > +#ifdef CONFIG_IEEE80211BE
> > +				*eid++ = hapd->conf->mld_id;
> mld id is 0 if its not MBSS case i.e. If the reported AP is part of same MLD as
> reporting AP then mld id should be 0.

Correct. We have this fix internally already. I will resent this part.


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