RE: [PATCH 06/13] wpa_supplicant: Add more fields to MLO links information

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> On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 02:45:26PM +0200, Andrei Otcheretianski wrote:
> > This new info will be needed for auth and assoc flows.
> > diff --git a/src/common/defs.h b/src/common/defs.h @@ -520,4 +520,19
> > @@ enum frame_encryption {
> > +struct ml_sta_link_info {
> ..
> > +	/* pointer to the corresponding BSS */
> > +	struct wpa_bss *bss;
> This does not feel correct. struct wpa_bss is internal to
> wpa_supplicant/* and I would not expect to see it being used anywhere in
> src/* directories. Does this struct define really belong into
> src/common/defs.h?

Right, it definitely shouldn't be there...
Actually I see now that I didn't send out the part that uses sta_profile and status fields yet, so this patch may be dropped except for making valid_links u16 and adding mld field.
I will fix this.

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> Jouni Malinen                                            PGP id EFC895FA

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