Using RADIUS CoA for reauthenticate STA

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Hello everyone, 
There is anyone who used CoA to reauthenticate subscribers without their disassoc / deauth
from Wi-Fi network? Could you please provide an example?  
I'm confused about the RADIUS CoA interface, that was implemented in commit "HS 2.0: CoA-Request
processing for Terms and Conditions filtering" (f456940ef359b420b54df2f2578b49c6ff2baa04).
There are no examples or any info on Google about it. We use build with CONFIG_HS20 enabled.  
Current examples: 
>> echo "Calling-Station-ID=7e:1a:bb:1d:4f:33" | radclient -x IP:3799 disconnect XXXXX
Works well. 
>> echo "Calling-Station-ID=7e:1a:bb:1d:4f:33" | radclient -x IP:3799 coa XXXXX
Stuck on 
>> hostapd: DAS: No supported authorization change attribute in CoA-Request from

Kind regards,
Daniil Sliusar

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