Re: [PATCH 2/4] Add beagleplay greybus driver

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On 8/23/23 23:06, Greg KH wrote:
Where does this number come from?

Well, it is the max number of Cports our APBridge supports. Since it is a KConfig variable on Zephyr application side, maybe it should be a config variable here as well?

+	if (hdr->result) {
+		dev_warn(
+			&bg->serdev->dev,
+			"Failed Greybus Operation %u of Type %X on CPort %u with Status %u",
+			hdr->operation_id, hdr->type, cport_id, hdr->result);
+	} else {
+		dev_dbg(&bg->serdev->dev,
+			"Successful Greybus Operation %u of Type %X on CPort %u",
+			hdr->operation_id, hdr->type, cport_id);
+	}
+	greybus_data_rcvd(bg->gb_host_device, cport_id, buffer, buffer_len);
+static void beagleplay_greybus_handle_dbg_frame(struct beagleplay_greybus *bg,
+						const char *buffer,
+						size_t buffer_len)
+	char buf[RX_HDLC_PAYLOAD];
Are you sure you can do all of that on the stack?

I think it should be fine. Zephyr application itself places a limit on the maximum size of an HDLC frame and compile time, and we will only process a single frame in this function. I do need to clean up some of these constants. And the zephyr application only supports a max frame of 256 bytes, so the current buffer is way too big.

+	memcpy(buf, buffer, buffer_len);
+	buf[buffer_len] = 0;
+	dev_dbg(&bg->serdev->dev, "CC1352 Debug: %s", buf);
Why are you using a stack buffer for a debug log?

And no need for prefixes on a debug message, that comes for free from
the dynamic debug infrastructure.

and are you sure this buffer is a string?

This is printing logs from BeaglePlay CC1352, which are transported over a specific HDLC address. This is because unless you have a JTAG, you cannot view anything happening in CC1352 without disabling the driver using dt overlay.  This is incontinent for development and debugging.

It should always be a string since I am routing the zephyr log outputs over hdlc:

+	}
+	beagleplay_greybus = dev_get_drvdata(&hd->dev);
+	memcpy(message->header->pad, &cport_id, sizeof(u16));
+	memcpy(&block_payload, message->header,
+	       sizeof(struct gb_operation_msg_hdr));
+	memcpy(&block_payload[sizeof(struct gb_operation_msg_hdr)],
+	       message->payload, message->payload_size);
+	hdlc_send_async(beagleplay_greybus->hdlc_drv, message->header->size,
+			&block_payload, ADDRESS_GREYBUS, 0x03);
+	greybus_message_sent(beagleplay_greybus->gb_host_device, message, 0);
+	return 0;
+static void gb_message_cancel(struct gb_message *message)
Why is an empty function needed?  That feels wrong.

Well, this is a required function to define:

+static void beagleplay_greybus_start_svc(struct beagleplay_greybus *bg)
+	const u8 command[1] = { CONTROL_SVC_START };
Are you sure this is allowed on the stack?

Sorry, that should just be an u8 instead of u8 array.  Will fix it.

+	}
+	ret = gb_hd_add(bg->gb_host_device);
+	if (ret) {
+		dev_err(&serdev->dev, "Failed to add Greybus Host Device");
+		return ret;
Did you just leak memory?

Good catch

Thanks for the feedback. I will send a new patch once everything mentioned is fixed and tested.

Ayush Singh

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