[PATCH 00/10] pwm: Constistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"

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while working on an extension for the pwm framework, I noticed that some
drivers and even the core only nearly consistently named all variables
and struct members holding a pointer to a struct pwm_chip "chip":

$ git grep -Pho 'struct pwm_chip \**[a-z0-9_]+(*nla:[\(a-z0-9_])' v6.5-rc1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
      1 struct pwm_chip *pwm
      1 struct pwm_chip pwm
      1 struct pwm_chip pwm_chip
      2 struct pwm_chip *_chip
      4 struct pwm_chip *c
      8 struct pwm_chip *pc
     57 struct pwm_chip chip
    358 struct pwm_chip *chip

With this series applied these are all called "chip" with one exception:
The led driver drivers/leds/rgb/leds-qcom-lpg.c uses "pwm". Maybe
"pwmchip" would be a better name, but I'm not sure that using "chip" was
an improvement there as this isn't a pure pwm driver. I'm not touching
that one.

The first offenders I found were the core and the atmel-hlcdc driver.
After I found these I optimistically assumed these were the only ones
with the unusual names and send patches for these out individually
before checking systematically.

The atmel-hlcdc patch is included here unchanged, the core patch now
also adapted the declaration of the changed functions in <linux/pwm.h>.
I marked these two as "superseded" in patchwork already.

All patches in this series are pairwise independent of each other. I
don't know if the staging patch should better go in via the greybus tree
or via pwm. Both is possible without needing coordination.

Best regards

Uwe Kleine-König (10):
  pwm: Use a consistent name for pwm_chip pointers in the core
  pwm: atmel-hlcdc: Use consistent variable naming
  pwm: bcm-kona: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: crc: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: cros-ec: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: lp3943: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: rockchip: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: sifive: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  pwm: sl28cpld: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"
  staging: greybus: pwm: Consistenly name pwm_chip variables "chip"

 drivers/pwm/core.c            | 28 +++++++--------
 drivers/pwm/pwm-atmel-hlcdc.c | 64 +++++++++++++++++------------------
 drivers/pwm/pwm-bcm-kona.c    |  4 +--
 drivers/pwm/pwm-crc.c         |  4 +--
 drivers/pwm/pwm-cros-ec.c     | 10 +++---
 drivers/pwm/pwm-lp3943.c      |  4 +--
 drivers/pwm/pwm-rockchip.c    |  4 +--
 drivers/pwm/pwm-sifive.c      |  4 +--
 drivers/pwm/pwm-sl28cpld.c    | 10 +++---
 drivers/staging/greybus/pwm.c | 12 +++----
 include/linux/pwm.h           |  6 ++--
 11 files changed, 75 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

base-commit: 06c2afb862f9da8dc5efa4b6076a0e48c3fbaaa5

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