Re: [PATCH] [v2] Kbuild: move to -std=gnu11

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On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 10:41 PM Fangrui Song <maskray@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> >More precisely, the semantics of "extern inline" functions changed
> >between ISO C90 and ISO C99.
> Perhaps a clearer explanation to readers is: "extern inline" and "inline" swap
> semantics with gnu_inline (-fgnu89-inline or __attribute__((__gnu_inline__))).
> >That's the only concern I have, which I doubt is an issue. The kernel
> >is already covered by the function attribute as you note.
> >
> >Just to have some measure:
> >$ git grep -rn "extern inline" | wc -l
> >116
> "^inline" behaves like C99+ "extern inline"
> Agree this is handled by
>      #define inline inline __gnu_inline __inline_maybe_unused notrace

Ok, I've reworded it again, but kept it a bit shorter, I don't think we
need the full explanation in this patch description in the end.


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