Ongoing GNU Gatekeeper development

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Hi all,

the 5.7 release was just a month ago, but we already have a number of
important changes in the development branch on Github:

- there are a lot of improvements if you run GnuGk with NAT traversal
  (H.460 or port detection) on a server with multiple IPs

- a race condition on H.460 multiplex RTP handling was found, which
  could cause one-way video

- we are now handling RFC 6598 Shared network space and Zerocnf
  addresses better

- there are bug fixes for GnuGk adding or removing encryption

- GnuGk now works better on Windows if you don't have OpenSSL available

I don't plan to do a new release soon, but if any of these issues may
affect you, feel free to use the Github source and please report back!

Not in the repository, but in the queue is a set of patches to support
Avaya's H.323 version that uses so many proprietary messages and
procedures that these endpoint haven't worked with any standard-H.323
device. Stay tuned.


Jan Willamowius, Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project
EMail  : jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Relaxed Communications GmbH
Frahmredder 91, 22393 Hamburg, Germany
Geschäftsführer: Jan Willamowius
HRB 125261 (Amtsgericht Hamburg)
USt-IdNr: DE286003584

Posting: mailto:gnugk-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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