ssh status port and passwords

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I'm a little confused about this.
I set up the usual password protected logins to the status port
and it works just fine but as soon as I flipped SshStatusPort from 0 to 1
in the config the gatekeeper starts complaining about the passwords
and doesn't want to let me in. The lines in the log look normal
to me:

STATUS  Authentication rule 'explicit' accepted the client
STATUS  Authentication rule 'password' accepted the client
STATUS  New connection from a.b.c.d:eeee=>f.g.h.i:7000 accepted

but then it says:

GK      Failed to decode config password for [GkStatus::Auth] => asdf
STATUS  Could not find password in the config for user asdf

Do I need to switch to a different password format or something for ssh?
I've been staring at the code and the logs but I can't figure out why
switching on the ssh would cause this. I've missed something in the docs?


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