URI calling issue, gnugk 4.1 on Linux 64-Bit

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We have an issue with full URI connection strings which we cannot sort out. 
I checked this forum for similar entries but the posts I found did not really apply to our version/setup or were very old posts from years ago. If this was already dealt with I appreciate that you point me to the right place in this forum.

The setup is gnugk 4.1 on Centos 7 self compiled. The binary is working nicely and we can set up and receive calls using E.164 numbers. URI connection strings do also work with our internal endpoints and with endpoints registered on a neighbored external gatekeeper.

However, when we dial a full URI string like H323_alias@IP_address to any other system, non-internal, non-neighbored, this just fails with the message "system not registered with the gatekeeper". 
In the gk log we can see
admissionRequest {
     [0]=dialedDigits "H323_alias (without @IP address)"

and below 
RAS   ARQ received from our_IP
H460  Loaded Std 9
DNS   Query failed: error=-1

It looks like gk is removing the IP address from a full URI string as in the admission request in the log appears only the H_323 alias and not the full URI string.
Is this the expected behavior? Or does it point to a wrong configuration on our side?
I thought the expected behavior was to be able to place calls with full URI strings without problems with gk registration. 
When we remove the gk registration from the endpoint, the URI string does work as expected and calls are established.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

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