GnuGk 4.0 feature: IPv6 and IPv4-IPv6 conversion

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Actually this is not a new feature in GnuGk 4.0, but 4.0 brings some
significant bug fixes and improvements.

We all know IPv6 will come some day, but hasn't so far, because some
equiment still works better with IPv4 or some network doesn't support
it, yet etc.

With GnuGk, you don't have to convert your network to IPv6, you can
simply add it as another option and GnuGk will convert between IPv4 and
IPv6 whenever necessary. So you can keep all your legacy endpoints that
only suppport IPv4 and still have them reach other endpoints that work
on IPv6.

I would suggest you give IPv6 a try in your network now, before things
get very urgent and must be done in a rush.

The config part in GnuGk is rather easy:


In all places where you can put an IPv4 address, you can also place an
IPv6 address.

BTW: If you want to see your IPv6 H.323 calls in Wireshark, you need a
new version. I worked with the Wireshark developers to get the
disection fixed. That patch will probably be in 2.0.0rc1.


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