Re: [h323plus] Using LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL with GnuGk / H323Plus / PTLib

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Are there any tweaks to the that should happen to find LibreSSL?

And re GnuTLS, the whole point of the PSSLxxx class wrappers in PTLib was to allow for use of other API's to OpenSSL/LibreSSL. At least as a configure/compile time option. One of these years, someone may cough up the time/money to actually do the implementation ....

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Robert. On 29/07/2014 5:30 pm, Jan Willamowius wrote:

with the bugs recently found in OpenSSL, there is some concern how many
more issues still lurk in the old and crufty OpenSSL code. There is a
great effort by some OpenBSD developers to fork OpenSSL into
"LibreSSL" ( and clean up the code while keeping the
public interface stable.

I did a quick check and can report that GnuGk / H323Plus / PTLib
compile well with LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL. All I had to do was
provide a pkg-config file. So now we have a choice which library to use.

I used LibreSSL Portable 2.0.3 for my test.

Another interesting project would be to use GnuTLS as a replacement,
but thats going to require a number of code changes on our side.


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