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PS: Don't feel too bad when you find you've been tweaking a non-existing
switch over and over again.

On avarage I find 3-5 invalid switches in the config when I start looking
at new support clients. ;-)

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Jan Willamowius wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> GnuGk has been checking the config file for misspellings for quite a
> while now, but people seem to miss the error messages or simply ignore
> them.
> GnuGk 3.6 now has a command line option --strict that prevents GnuGk
> from starting as long as you have errors in your config and I would
> urge everybody to switch this on during all testing. It saves you a lot
> of surprises later on.
> I was tempted to make this the default behavior, but when you make a
> config change on a busy server, and you need to restart it quickly, you
> don't want it to go out of service, because of a small typo.
> So its up to you t use --strict at least when you are  preparing a new
> config in the lab or switch it always on to avoid surprises.
> Regards,
> Jan

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