Re: about the maximum connection number of gnuGK(H.460.18/19 enabled)

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I got more details for this: in my testing when the concurrent connections through gnuGK-3.6(H.460.18/19 enabled) reached about 130, then when I tried to connection one more terminal in, Wireshark shows that gnuGK sent out a ReleaseComplete message thus the call is failed; at this time if I disconnect one call and join that terminal again, then it is successfully. it seems that when the concurrent calls reach a specific value(in my testing it is about 130), then gnuGK will send out ReleaseComplete message for the new call. could you give me some clues why this will happen? which part of the source code I need to read for this? can I control it by config-file? Thanks!

Bo Xu

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 1:59 PM, Bo Xu <boxuscience@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am doing stress testing of the maximum connection number of gnuGK(H.460.18/19 enabled) now. with gnuGK3.6(H.460.18/19 enabled) I can connect 124 terminal-simulators into our MCU through gnuGK3.6, but I cannot connect more terminals in, the CPU usage of gnuGK is stable at about 65%, so I think it is still possible to add more terminals in, but I cannot. is there any maximum connection limitation for gnuGK3.6? is there a parameter in the config file so I can set it and increase it? Thanks!

Bo Xu

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