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Here is my honest take on this one.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 3:06 PM Shwetha Acharya <sacharya@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is time to evaluate the fulfillment of our committed features/improvements and the feasibility of the proposed deadlines as per Release 11 tracker.

Currently our timeline is as follows:

Code Freeze: 31-Oct-2022
RC : 30-Nov-2022
GA : 10-JAN-2023

Please evaluate the following and reply to this thread if you want to convey anything important:

- Can we ensure to fulfill all the proposed requirements by the Code Freeze?
- Do we need to add any more changes to accommodate any shortcomings or improvements?
- Are we all good to go with the proposed timeline?

We have delayed the release already by more than 1year, and that is a significant delay for any project. If the changes we work on is not getting released frequently, the feedback loop for the project is delayed and hence the further improvements. So, regardless of any pending promised things, we should go ahead with the code-freeze and release on these dates.

It is crucial for any projects / companies dependent on the project to plan accordingly. There may be already few others who would have planned their product release around these dates. Lets keep the same dates, and try to achieve the tasks we have planned in these dates.
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