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Hi All,

Kadalu.io was started in 2019 by a few GlusterFS maintainers with the focus on improving the GlusterFS ecosystem for on-premise, Kubernetes and Cloud deployments.

Initially, we experimented by integrating the GlusterFS core filesystem layer with Kubernetes APIs without using the Management layer Glusterd. That project is liked by many users and developers, check this GitHub repo (https://github.com/kadalu/kadalu) to know more about this project.

Today we are happy to announce our new GlusterFS based project for non-Kubernetes use cases as well. We started a series of blog posts explaining the new features and differences compared to Glusterd based Cluster. Read the first part in the series here (https://kadalu.io/blog/kadalu-storage-part-1/)

This project is still in active development and many features are still under development. Feel free to try it out in your dev setup and give us feedback. Read the quick start guide here (https://kadalu.io/docs/kadalu-storage/main/quick-start/)

To know more about Kadalu Storage, please join the Kadalu community meeting happening on Jan 20th, 2022 4 pm-5 pm IST | UTC 10:30-11:30 am. Bridge Link: https://meet.google.com/jtp-kvsh-ggu

Thanks and Regards

Aravinda Vishwanathapura

(On behalf of Kadalu Storage Team)



Community Meeting Calendar:
Schedule -
Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 14:30 IST / 09:00 UTC
Bridge: https://meet.google.com/cpu-eiue-hvk

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