Re: [PATCH 01/20] t: mark a bunch of tests as leak-free

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Patrick Steinhardt <ps@xxxxxx> writes:

> There are a bunch of tests which do not have any leaks:
>   - t0411: Introduced via 5c5a4a1c05 (t0411: add tests for cloning from
>     partial repo, 2024-01-28), passes since its inception.
>   - t0610: Introduced via 57db2a094d (refs: introduce reftable backend,
>     2024-02-07), passes since its inception.
>   - t2405: Passes since 6741e917de (repository: avoid leaking
>     `fsmonitor` data, 2024-04-12).
>   - t4153: Passes since 71c7916053 (apply: plug a leak in apply_data,
>     2024-04-23).
>   - t7006: Passes since at least Git v2.40. I did not care to go back
>     any further than that.
>   - t7423: Introduced via b20c10fd9b (t7423: add tests for symlinked
>     submodule directories, 2024-01-28), passes since e8d0608944
>     (submodule: require the submodule path to contain directories only,
>     2024-03-26). The fix is not ovbiously related, but probably works


>     because we now die early in many code paths.
>   - t9xxx: All of these are exercising CVS-related tooling and pass
>     since at least Git v2.40. It's likely that these pass for a long
>     time already, but nobody ever noticed because noone has CVS on their

s/noone/no one

>     machine.
> Mark all of these tests as passing.


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