Re: [PATCH 5/5] add-patch: render hunks through the pager

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On 2024-05-24 00:25, Rubén Justo wrote:
On Thu, May 23, 2024 at 05:06:01AM -0400, Jeff King wrote:


In addition to that, I have two use-cases that make sense to me:

  - avoiding a huuge but split-able hunk to go all through my terminal
    before I can say: split, 's'.  For this, perhaps the '-P' suggested
    by Dragan is the way to go.

A possible UX issue with the "-P" option is that the menu wouldn't
be displayed right after executing "git add -P" if the first displayed
hunk is longer than one screen, leaving the users wondering what
actually happened.  Though, that perhaps could be addressed in the

  - a lot of mid-sized hunks that I only need to see, to decide, the
result of "head -3". Here, the pager would be acting as a 'filter'.

Perhaps I am stretching the meaning of 'pager' too far...

I do still think it would be useful to be able to configure its pager
separately (in my case, I'd use "less -FX" rather than my default
setup, which doesn't use either of those options).

A new "interactive.pager" setting?  Perhaps with higher preference than
"add.pager"?  Just questioning, do not take this as an intention of
scratching that itch :-)

Huh, I see some possible issues with separate pager configurations,
resulting from the upcoming rework of the default less(1)-as-pager
options, so perhaps it would, in addition, be better to wait until
those changes settle first.

I intend to get into that rather soon, not only for Git, but also
for a few other projects that use less(1) as their pager by default,
such as util-linux.

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