Re: git-daemon doesn't work as expected in v2.45.1 and friends

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Junio C Hamano <gitster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Reverting f4aa8c8b may not be easy to do mechanically, as it
> introduces the die_upon_dubious_ownership(), but 1204e1a8 uses an
> identical copy of the same function introduced by 8c9c051b (setup.c:
> introduce `die_upon_dubious_ownership()`, 2024-04-15), and reverting
> f4aa8c8b mechanically out of the merged result in v2.45.1 would
> likely to remove the function that is still in use, which would need
> to be retained.

Well the result can be seen at

but I am inclined to say that its [12/12] (partial reversion of
f4aa8c8b) is highly questionable, after thinking about it a bit
more.  It is true that you can run git-daemon as 'nobody', let it
peek into repositories owned by real users, feeling safe that
'nobody' would not be able to harm these repositories at all.  

But unless this is a tightly controlled hosting environment where no
repository owned by "real users" have malicious hooks and config
files, a "real user" could attack "nobody", and the
mechanism that is over-agressive in denying things may alleviate the
problem.  At places like where the repository data including
its hooks and configuration files are trusted, setting up the
configuration in the ~nobody/.gitconfig to cover the
real user repositories would probably be a simple enough workaround.

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