Re: [PATCH v2] archive: make --add-virtual-file honor --prefix

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Tom Scogland <scogland1@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> That said, it sounds like both you and Junio prefer updating the
> docs rather than the code, which makes me think I'm in the
> minority in that opinion.  If that's the case, I can certainly
> update the docs, and I imagine we can backport that easily
> wherever it makes sense.  I would really like to have the option
> to have the prefix apply though, either adding a new flag or an
> option to the existing one that would be invalid given current
> syntax or similar to provide the option.

[jc: wrapped overly long lines]


    git archive --prefix="$prefix" --add-file=x --add-file=y \

be an option enough?  You only have to define $prefix once.

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