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Am 20.05.24 um 18:10 schrieb Tom Scogland:
> On 19 May 2024, at 6:25, René Scharfe wrote:
>> You can already specify any path you want with --add-virtual-file.
>> What's the advantage of honoring --prefix as well?
> I came into this after trying to translate an --add-file to an
> --add-virtual-file and being surprised that the prefix wasn't
> applied.

Understandable, the documentation promised otherwise and the options
have very similar names.

> anything else you add, in the repo or not, it gets the prefix.> I can go back and explicitly add the prefix, but it makes the
> options less naturally composable in my opinion.

True, applying the prefix to all items would be simpler overall.

Speaking of simpler: --add-virtual-file could have been implemented to
only take a single argument -- the content -- and rely on --prefix to
provide the full path.  That's more consistent with other options, as
most of them only take single-valued arguments (or none). :]

> That said, it sounds like both you and Junio prefer updating the docs
> rather than the code, which makes me think I'm in the minority in
> that opinion.

I'm not sure I have an opinion on that topic, yet.  Fixing the
documentation is certainly easier.  Adding the prefix to the path of
virtual files as well is a breaking change.  I feel that the easier
route should at least be mentioned in the commit message and why it
was not taken.

> If that's the case, I can certainly update the docs, and I imagine we
> can backport that easily wherever it makes sense.  I would really
> like to have the option to have the prefix apply though, either
> adding a new flag or an option to the existing one that would be
> invalid given current syntax or similar to provide the option.
You mean like replacing a leading colon in the path with the prefix?


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