Re: chainlint test failing on Linux sparc64

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Hi Eric,

On Mon, 2024-05-20 at 05:58 -0400, Eric Sunshine wrote:
> On Mon, May 20, 2024 at 5:36 AM Eric Sunshine <sunshine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > My suspicion is that "actual" will have size 0 for you. If that's the
> > case, I'd suggest running the commands from the "check-chainlint"
> > target in t/Makefile manually one at a time to see if you can figure
> > out which is failing. For instance:
> > 
> >     % ./ --emit-all chainlinttmp/tests
> This reminded me of an earlier report in which was
> producing no output for "actual" on Linux for s390x processors. That
> was due to /proc/cpuinfo producing results which the script wasn't
> expecting. It was fixed by 1f51b77f4f ( fix /proc/cpuinfo
> regexp, 2022-11-22)[1]. At the time of that patch, I noted[2]:

Yeah, the output for /proc/cpuinfo is not standardized across architectures,

>     A separate problem is that doesn't fall back to a
>     sensible non-zero value if ncores() returns 0 (or some other
>     nonsense value). That is, of course, outside the scope of the
>     well-focused problem fix which this standalone patch addresses. I
>     may end up submitting a fix separately to make it fall back
>     sensibly.
> which probably explains the behavior you're experiencing. To fix it,
> we'll need to see the output you get from:
>     cat /proc/cpuinfo

Here you go:

glaubitz@stadler:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
cpu             : UltraSparc T4 (Niagara4)
fpu             : UltraSparc T4 integrated FPU
pmu             : niagara4
prom            : OBP 4.38.16 2018/11/28 07:24
type            : sun4v
ncpus probed    : 48
ncpus active    : 48
D$ parity tl1   : 0
I$ parity tl1   : 0
cpucaps         :
Cpu0ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu1ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu2ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu3ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu4ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu5ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu6ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu7ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu8ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu9ClkTck      : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu10ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu11ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu12ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu13ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu14ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu15ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu16ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu17ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu18ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu19ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu20ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu21ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu22ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu23ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu24ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu25ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu26ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu27ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu28ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu29ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu30ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu31ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu32ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu33ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu34ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu35ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu36ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu37ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu38ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu39ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu40ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu41ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu42ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu43ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu44ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu45ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu46ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
Cpu47ClkTck     : 00000000a9beeee4
MMU Type        : Hypervisor (sun4v)
MMU PGSZs       : 8K,64K,4MB,256MB,2GB
CPU0:           online
CPU1:           online
CPU2:           online
CPU3:           online
CPU4:           online
CPU5:           online
CPU6:           online
CPU7:           online
CPU8:           online
CPU9:           online
CPU10:          online
CPU11:          online
CPU12:          online
CPU13:          online
CPU14:          online
CPU15:          online
CPU16:          online
CPU17:          online
CPU18:          online
CPU19:          online
CPU20:          online
CPU21:          online
CPU22:          online
CPU23:          online
CPU24:          online
CPU25:          online
CPU26:          online
CPU27:          online
CPU28:          online
CPU29:          online
CPU30:          online
CPU31:          online
CPU32:          online
CPU33:          online
CPU34:          online
CPU35:          online
CPU36:          online
CPU37:          online
CPU38:          online
CPU39:          online
CPU40:          online
CPU41:          online
CPU42:          online
CPU43:          online
CPU44:          online
CPU45:          online
CPU46:          online
CPU47:          online


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