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If this ever happens, it will be in Gimp 2.10.34 at best, so coming to
your Gimp 2.8.8  which is about 9 years old, be prepared for a culture
shock. Why don't you upgrade? 2.10 is so much better...

On 18/08/2022 15:34, TheotroniX . via gimp-developer-list wrote:
Hi Gimp developers,

I use your GIMP 2.8.8 with full satisfaction, but:
Is there a way to open the good old Microsoft Photodraw .MIX files in Gimp?
And is it possible for your developers to include the .mix extension in Gimp?
Or is that a difficult operation?
Is there perhaps another way to import these files into Gimp?

In any way Gimp is a great program!

Regards Theo

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