Discuss backward compatibility for multilayer changes to v3 PDB API

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The v3 PDB API has changes for multilayer capability.
For example this signature change: gimp-edit-copy(drawable) =>
This breaks some scripts in the GIMP repository and some third party

To provide backward compatibility means allow existing scripts to work for
a defined period.
(say from 2.99 until 3.1).
That allows users time to adjust their scripts.

If we don't provide backward compatibility, it is a logistics problem:
third party script authors must prepare an updated copy of their scripts,
and change over immediately when they change from 2.10 to 3.0.

Some scripts in GIMP 2.99 are broken now since the API was changed but
scripts were not updated.
If we provide backward compatibility,
the GIMP developers can fix the scripts in the repository at their leisure.

Because the name has stayed the same but the signature changed,
to provide backward compatibility could be considered
a problem of overloaded functions.

One backward compatible solution is to implement overloading in scriptfu:
whenever calling a PDB procedure, examine the actual arguments:
if an arg is a single drawable, convert to a drawable array.
(You could also do the same in GimpFu v3, if any.)

An easier solution is to revert the signature change.
Instead add a new PDB procedure gimp-edit-copy-multiple(drawableArray).
Also redefine the body of gimp-edit-copy(drawable)
to convert to an array and call the core function taking drawableArray.

In other words, the old gimp-edit-copy(drawable) becomes a 'convenience'
for the more generic gimp-edit-copy-multiple(drawableArray.)
You could also think of it as a "compatibility" procedure and warn that it
is deprecated.

Then if you don't want the PDB full of convenience/compatibility procedures,
you could obsolete the procedure later (at say v3.1).

You could also argue that the original meaning of gimp-edit-copy is more
Few script authors are even thinking about multiple layers.

Relation to issues on ScriptFu:
This is issue #6026.
Some other backward compatiblity issues are dealt with by MR 403, but not
this one.
A fix to scriptfu for #5402 is also necessary, but is not 'for backward

Some have suggested that ScriptFu could use GObject Introspection (using
say Guile-GI)
in which case all scripts would need to be rewritten to use GI
at least to deal with the broken PDB calls.
Some hard-core lisp programmer would also need to step forward
to integrate Guile-GI (or some other) with ScriptFu.
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