Re: Gimp 2.99 python3 plug-ins: writing a plugin to generate an image

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> is it possible writing a plug-in to generate an image without an opened

Rephrasing the question: can you write a plugin whose menu item is always
enabled, even without an open image?  That used to be possible, by passing
an empty string for the "image types" registration data.   But your code
does not call procedure.set_image_types(""); Even so,  in my experience
that does not work (at least for an image type procedure) in 2.99.   I
don't know the answer for 2.99, maybe there is another way, or it is a
"feature" that fell by the wayside when much of the plugin capability was
migrated inside Gimp from PyGimp.  Maybe just create a Gimp.Procedure
instead of a Gimp.ImageProcedure?

> How to create a GFile in  scheme in 2.99?

I opened issue reporting
this.  And I am working on a patch to Gimp.  You don't need to change your
plugin, Gimp code needs fixing.
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