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I'm trying to figure out how to translate various data types for use with gegl. For instance, I want to set a GeglColor on a property. The example sdl-draw.c uses GeglColor directly in gegl_node_new_child(), but if I try to do this with gegl_node_set_property(node, "color", GeglColor*), compiler complains about it not being a GValue.

What is the proper way to convert back and forth between GeglColor and GValue, or otherwise use gegl_node_set_property() starting with non-GValue data? (no, I don't really understand the GValue/GObject system at the moment, hints welcome).

I can set things by manually constructing GValues for simple things like int, strings, but I'm kind of a loss for how to deal with the multitude of other types that Gegl uses in properties.

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