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Here's a quick summary from an IRC discussion on prerequisites for
releasing GEGL 0.3 which, in return, is a prerequisite for GIMP 2.9.0
(the first unstable version before stable 2.10).

The following things have to be done:

1) As pippin says, there are some "known unknowns" regarding APIs
involved with mipmap preview rendering that would be nice to settle.
He's on and off on this task, so clearly more eyes and hands are
required to get this done.

2) A bunch of GIMP filters have become GEGL operations, but names of
settings need revisiting, defaults need a reality check. Also, value
range is not necessarily the same thing as the range that should be
visible in UI, and some variables need a non-linear ("gamma") property
that can be set.

So basically it's finishing APIs and making a better quality docs. If
you think you could work on any of that, please speak up :)

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