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A lot has changed since then. It'd be interesting to try the tests
again with the latest versions of the two libraries.

I think my 2p would be:

GEGL is very focussed on interactive use and less interested in
batch-style processing. VIPS is the other way around: you can use it
for interactive work, but most effort has gone into making batch-style
operations quick. By batch-style processing I mean start with a
complete image on disc or in memory, run a series of pre-planned
operations, finish with another complete image on disc or in memory.

If people want to use the convenient GEGL interface to do batch-style
work, they would probably get a useful speed-up with gegl-vips. Back
in the dark days of 0.1.6, gegl-vips was up to about 200x faster than
GEGL for batch work, though I'm sure that's changed now.

For interactive editing applications (such as Gimp), vips would need
some work. The missing feature is area invalidation. vips supports
whole image invalidation (if you change something in an image, you can
ask all downstream operations to drop cache and recalculate the whole
thing) but has no support for area invalidation (change a small area,
drop caches just for that area, recalculate just the affected part of
the final image).

I do plan to add area invalidation at some point since I need it for
the nip2 paintbox but it's probably a year or two off, unless someone


On 10 November 2013 11:39, Nicolas Robidoux <nicolas.robidoux@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Proof of concept attempt to have VIPS used as a backend for GEGL:
> Discussion of the topic at
> My gut feeling is that although there is a lot of good code and architecture
> to be "poached" from the VIPS library, such integration is even more of a
> nonstarter now than it was then.
> Bias warning: I am (or was) both a GEGL and VIPS dev and may have been the
> originator of the "VIPS as backend for GEGL" idea (don't remember).
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