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On 19 November 2012 15:43, Jon Nordby <jononor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At the moment the gegl repository contains the following binding projects in
> bindings/:
> pygegl, vala, rgegl, gegl-sharp
> None of these have had stable releases, have been updated to build/work with
> GEGL 0.2 (released 6 months ago) or, as far as I know, have any applications
> actively using them. For these reasons I propose that we remove these
> bindings from the repository and focus on GObject Introspection based
> bindings.

And at least for Python, the fact it is in this tree, and not on the
gnome tree, and does nto get built by default
means there is almost _no one_ using Python + GEGL . (Still, Python is
widely used in areas
GEGL would excel, with less capable, generally 8 bpp only, libraries)

In short, I am  +1 for separation/removal.


> Python and Vala both have very solid GI based tool-chains, and the
> ruby-gir-ffi project also look to be healthy. For C#/Mono things do not look
> so good however. So if anyone wants to further maintain gegl-sharp, I
> suggest that is done in a separate repository, in a similar way to geglmm.
> To test the GI based bindings, pass --enable-introspect to configure when
> building GEGL master. This option will hopefully soon become default, so
> that we always build bindings and avoid bitrot. Some trivial automated tests
> for the bindings exists under tests/python. Any additions to these would be
> very welcomed.
> Note that due to limitations in gobject introspection Babl can currently not
> be bound[1], and therefore some parts of the GEGL buffer API is unavailable.
> 1.
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