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Support Requests item #1386985, was opened at 2005-12-21 06:34
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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: dataangel (dataangel)
Assigned to: Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf)
Summary: Gaim 2.0.1beta is missing autopackage

Initial Comment:
All of the other usual package types are there, but the
autopackage is missing. Seeing as I have none of the
other supported distros and don't want to spend a lot
of time compiling from CVS, this is the only way to get
testing feedback from me and presumably other users.


Comment By: Luke Schierer (lschiere)
Date: 2006-12-15 00:28

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Originator: NO

This bug is fixed in the most recent version of Gaim.  If you are
not using the lastest version, please upgrade.  If you are using
the latest version, please indicate so and reopen this bug.


Comment By: Bishop (mtbishop)
Date: 2006-02-27 13:27

Logged In: YES 

So autopackage is a package format add-on to a distro.  It's
neither .deb or RPM compatible, may or may not track library
versions and virtual packages for collections, and most
definitely is the sole package manager for no distro,
according to the site.  So you've got other options if you
don't want to take the 20 minutes and roll your own.

I think you've been bitten by choosing technologies with
more shine than substance, and with gooey centres.  Deryni
will tell you that you should be the one to add in
autopackage support, or sit tight until they need it.  The
fastest method to resolve this problem is likely to install
Gaim the same way /lib/ld-linux.so.2 was installed on your

I notice that unix PKGs are missing too.


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