Re: [PATCH v2 9/9] vfs: Add tmpfs tests for idmap mounts

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On 3/13/23 11:50, Christian Brauner wrote:
On Wed, Mar 08, 2023 at 12:13:43PM +0100, Rodrigo Campos wrote:
+	/* create separate mount namespace */
+	if (unshare(CLONE_NEWNS)) {
+		log_stderr("failure: create new mount namespace");
+		goto out_no_rm;
+	}

I think you might want to turn off mount propagation here so that the
tmpfs mount doesn't propagate into the parent mount namespace:

	mount(NULL, "/", NULL, MS_REC | MS_PRIVATE, 0)

Right, great catch!

+	// Create a new info to use for test we will call.
+	struct vfstest_info nested_test_info = *info;

nit: We usually don't mix declarations and code in C code so I would
move that struct vfstest_info to the top of the function.

Heh, I prefer C99 declarations, but sorry I forgot we are not using that style in these files. I'll fix it :)

+	nested_test_info.t_mountpoint = strdup(path);
+	if (nested_test_info.t_mountpoint == NULL) {

nit: more idiomatic
if (!nested_test_info.t_mountpoint)


+	if(rm_r(info->t_mnt_fd, DIR0)) >
nit: missing space between "if" and "("

Ouch, probably my scripts for the spacing patch mixed this up... Fixed!

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