Font selection for "okular" application

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"okular" is a PDF (and other formats) reader, and I'm trying to get it
to use the "right" fonts.

Here is a screenshot of the "Properties" dialog, which shows which
fonts are configured in the document and  which font files are in use:

The problem is that "NImbus Mono" gets used in place of "Courier New",
and "Nimbus Roman" gets used instead of "Times New Roman".

I have tried to edit /etc/fonts/local.conf and
~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf in many ways.

"fc-match" does not mimic the problem that happens with "okular".  Quote:<<
$ fc-match TimesNewRoman
times.ttf: "Times New Roman" "Regular"

The system is Linux Mint 21.2.  I'll post more information if needed.

Albert Wik.

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