Re: Detecting whether a font is a fallback

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Le jeudi 20 avril 2023 à 09:41 +0000, Werner LEMBERG a écrit :

If we were starting the LilyPond project today, that might make sense.  However, there are plenty of existing LilyPond files that use font family names like “times new roman” that are substituted with “Times New Roman”, and I think we'd rather not start making those emit warnings.

I disagree.  We already emit a lot of 'please fix manually' warnings in convert-ly (for non-LilyPonders: this script updates the input syntax of LilyPond files from older to newer versions, but sometimes it can't do that automatically, thus this warning); I don't see any reason why urging users to fix incorrectly specified family names should be an exception – a warning in LilyPond is definitely justified IMHO.

Let's continue to discuss this on, not on this list.

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