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On 4/12/23 08:45, Akira TAGOH wrote:
First of all, Please note that "Regular" style is default style
though, most applications request *Regular weight* instead of style
name. So the correct command to represent a request is `fc-match
"Amber Whiskey:weight=regular".
Based on that, let's see what happened.

AmberWhiskey-Aged.otf has two family names. one is "Amber Whiskey" and
one is "Amber Whiskey Aged". And, weight is set to 80 which is the
same as FC_WEIGHT_REGULAR. So the behavior itself isn't wrong.

Second, I don't recommend using the above config because that will
break non-Regular selection. I didn't test but this may works instead:

   <test name="family">
     <string>Amber Whiskey</string>
   <test name="weight">
   <test qual="all" name="style" compare="eq">
   <edit name="style">

This will add Regular to style property only when weight is set to
"regular" and no styles is set. you can still pick up the aged variant
with "Amber Whiskey:style=Aged".

If you don't want to see the aged variant as a part of "Amber
Whiskey", things would be much simpler. you may have another
workaround like this:

<match target="scan">
   <test name="family">
     <string>Amber Whiskey</string>
   <test name="family">
     <string>Amber Whiskey Aged</string>
   <edit name="family" mode="delete" />

This will modify the fontconfig cache. AmberWhiskey-Aged.otf is then
represented as "Amber Whiskey Aged" only.

For your original question, if there are any reasons you can't put
something into a config file, you can use
FcConfigParseAndLoadFromMemory() function as said in other mail.
otherwise you can create your own config for a workaround and put it
into $HOME/.config/fontconfig or something like that.

Hope that helps,

On Wed, Apr 12, 2023 at 9:12 AM Idriss Fekir <mcsm224@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Some fonts aren't matched by fontconfig correctly e.g: the Amber Whiskey
family has 4 faces Regular, Aged, Full Color, Shadow.
`fc-match "Amber Whiskey"` outputs "Aged" instead of "Regular", And
since Pango relies on fontconfig for that, it also exhibits the same
behavior (e.g: Inkscape an gimp, both rely on pango, would pick the
"Aged" variant). This could be worked around with a rule:

<match target="pattern">
      <test name="family">
          <string>Amber Whiskey</string>
      <edit name="style">

My question is how can i do that but in code (in C), that is
how can i check what fc-match would output, then if the output is wrong
add a rule like the following to the FcConfig?

I'm open to suggestions if there are better ways.

I did read the docs but i couldn't figure out how.

The man page for FcFontMatch says that it should only be called after
FcConfigSubstitute and FcDefaultSubstitute have been called for
the pattern, i don't understand what that means exactly.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your replies Jean and Akira.

Akira, your first solution worked, but i don't understand what you meant that my config breaks non-regular selection, all other variants are matched correctly.

Some faces of Iosevka (e.g Iosevka Fixed Extrabold Extended Oblique is matched as NotoSans Italic) also have this problem but fc-match returns the fallback font, so I'm not sure how to fix that .

Is there a way to match fonts by their PostScript name?

My goal is, at application startup to check for fonts that aren't matched properly, then remap then load the config, is there a general solution?


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