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Le 18/12/2022 à 22:03, Abraham Lee a écrit :
Great questions, Jean.

As a font creator (both text and music) and semi-power user, I've always hated that LilyPond only looks within its own data folder for music fonts. This has required me to duplicate all my fonts to the data directory of every new version of LilyPond I install to make them accessible to that version. It's tolerable, yes, but feels a bit needless duplicating the same files over and over, IMHO. So, while we're on this topic, is there any chance the music fonts can get the same treatment as text fonts? In other words, if the music font family doesn't exist in the data directory, search the system's folder? Would love to be able to install them like a normal font and use them with any version. Pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one who appreciates that. My two cents.

Abraham, this is a sensible request that I have thought about at times, but the context of my question is very different. LilyPond uses Fontconfig only to look up glyphs in Emmentaler if the font-encoding is 'fetaText, for dynamic texts, fingering digits and the like, but for most glyphs it uses an entirely different internal mechanism. Here, I am concerned with fixing the problem reported at, which means preventing LilyPond from finding its fonts externally in 'fetaText (and hopefully there is a way to do this and still make the music font searched elsewhere if it's *not* in the datadir). Satisfying your request would mean touching a different area, the code that looks up music fonts in 'fetaMusic and 'fetaBraces encoding.

By the way, is there already an issue for your request in the LilyPond tracker?


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