Re: order of searching for identical fonts

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Hello Akira,

thanks for the quick response.

> If they have different "fontversion", higher one has a priority.

Ok.  However, how is 'higher' defined exactly (and documented)?  In
our case (LilyPond), we have '2.23.82', '2.24', '2.25.2', etc., etc.

> otherwise a font path loaded first should has.


> If you want to pick up a font first where is available on certain font
> paths adding through FcConfigAppFontAddDir, you may want to use
> FcFontSetMatch and/or FcFontSetList instead of FcFontMatch/FcFontList
> with FcConfigGetFonts(config, FcSetApplication) and then fallback to
> FcSetSystem as needed, because FcFontMatch/FcFontList is always going
> through FcSetSystem and then FcSetApplication.



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