Re: Revisiting FcFontMatch and FcFontSort

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On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 1:00 AM Werner LEMBERG <wl@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Can you give an example?

We were talking about examples like combining a base glyph with a
rare mark. If the mark is missing in the font, you have different options
what to do - look for a precomposed glyph, find a suitable variant of the
mark, or go for all fallback font. Maybe Behdad has concrete examples.

Again, please give an example.  It seems to me that you are actually
thinking of improving Pango, not fontconfig per se.  I only wonder
whether the approach you are envisioning has drawbacks to applications
that are not using Pango.

Sure, this is about improving font rendering. The high-level parts of it are
implemented in Pango. But it needs suitable font enumeration apis, which
is where fontconfig comes in.

I don't object to using harfbuzz – this is what FreeType is actually
using for getting glyph coverage for its auto-hinter.  However,
harfbuzz has some quite massive dependencies that might not be wanted
by the user.

Great, this might be a more or less solved problem , then.

From the Pango perspective, a harfbuzz dependency is not such a big
deal - we use harfbuzz anyway. And using harfbuzz directly, instead of
via freetype, might have other advantages for fontconfig.

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