Re: Fonts mysteriously disappearing from cache after upgrade from 75eadca -> fcb0420

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On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 1:20 AM Chris Down <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also another note: `fc-cache` does _not_ fix the problem, only `fc-cache -f`
> does. Maybe that helps diagnose what is going on.

Right. because fontconfig is checking an update from timestamp. if no
updates on timestamp then fc-cache simply skips to update.

> An example of the difference is attached, it looks like maybe
> 8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-7 is short in the failing case?
> % du -b fontconfig.bad/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-7 fontconfig/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-7
> 104     fontconfig.bad/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-7
> 29192   fontconfig/8d4af663993b81a124ee82e610bb31f9-le64.cache-7

You can see a bit details about that cache by fc-cat
/path/to/cachefile. that also contains where the target in the cache
is for. BTW where did you see this change? if it's a user cache like
something on $HOME/.cache/fontconfig, how does system cache for the
same look like?

Other than that, do you have any custom config on your home directory?
such as $HOME/.fonts.conf or $HOME/.fonts.conf.d or something under
$HOME/.config/fontconfig? If so, what if you remove (after backup of
course) or move them to another place? or if not have, will this issue
happen for new users?

> Thanks again for your help,
> Chris

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