Re: Another proposal for saving custom fonts in fontconfig

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On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 4:17 PM Peng Wu <peng.e.wu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Based on previous fontconfig cache API proposal, I propose some small
> additions with some command line tool for font package maintainers.
> FcBool
> FcDirCacheAddStyle (const FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *file,
> const unsigned int index, const FcChar8 *stylename, FcPattern *custom);

As I told you before, please stop proposing such a parameter that
allows replacing the whole thing with FcPattern. that may cause
unexpected behavior. that would even replace something in file, index,
stylename. that is broken API.

> To add some custom style:
> $ fc-custom add-style "family name" "style name" "new style name" --
> variations "wght=150;INKT=100" --features "kern 0, dlig"

I'm not sure if taking such a format like giving it away as is is
really a good idea. probably each of properties may be good to be

> But with this proposal, if user re-generate the fontconfig system
> cache, the custom style maybe lost, like `fc-cache -fvr` with root
> user.

To make it permanent, it would need to be stored into some config file.

> Feel free to comment it.
> Thanks,
>   Peng
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